Zenobe Energy uses its deep expertise in the ownership and operation of battery storage to provide a range of services to electricity grid operators as well as major industrial, commercial and transport companies.

Our services include:

  • Delivering the benefits of battery storage with no upfront capital cost to our customers

  • Providing independent expertise to identify the optimal technical solution with our clients

  • Managing the entire lifecycle of the asset – installation, operation and decommissioning

  • Ensuring guaranteed levels of availability and quality of power supply

Below we provide examples of the benefits which Zenobe Energy provides to its clients.

Reducing your operating costs Reducing your operating costs

For energy intensive businesses, Zenobe Energy uses its technology to change the load profile during peak periods when demand and prices are high. This reduces costs by up to a quarter depending on the customer location and demand profile. We also provide reactive power solutions to reduce the costs of running certain types of power intensive equipment.

Creating new sources of revenue Creating new sources of revenue

When the battery is not being used for an alternative application, Zenobe Energy will look to generate income from providing frequency balancing and power reserve services to grid operators. As a major player in the market, Zenobe Energy has access a wide range of power markets and can provide additional value to its clients through aggregation with its existing asset portfolio.

Avoiding capital investment costs Avoiding capital investment costs

For owners and operators of electricity networks, including private wire, Zenobe Energy can reduce the cost of grid reinforcement or new network build through reducing peak load demand and changing the specification of assets. These savings can be structured to comply with regulatory requirements where necessary.

Where a customer requires additional power capacity – for example to enable electric vehicle charging or the addition of new machinery - Zenobe Energy can reduce costs relative to traditional grid solutions through using batteries to reduce and to smooth the power load.

Increasing returns from onsite generation Increasing returns from onsite generation

Our batteries store and release energy when it is needed – making power supply both more predictable and profitable by discharging at times of peak demand (such as peak DUoS and triad periods). Where there is excess generation, our batteries can capture this value and release it when it is most needed.

Reducing pollution & helping the environment Reducing pollution & helping the environment

Zenobe Energy is committed to enabling a cleaner and more efficient power system. Our batteries produce zero emissions and can replace slower, more inefficient and polluting alternatives such as diesel gensets. In areas which suffer from air pollution, they typically provide a more viable and responsible power solution.

Making power supply resilient & reliable Making power supply resilient & reliable

Zenobe Energy can provide your business with full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities. The rapid response time of our battery assets compared to alternatives ensures there will be no loss of power quality to critical equipment. This mitigates the impact of increasingly common power cuts, voltage dips and brownouts whilst reducing the need for on-site backup generation

For more information, please contact us at info@zenobe.co.uk